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Busy Connections ‘Mastermind’ taster day 
Friday 10th May, 10am - 3pm 
I’ve had so many questions about my Mastermind, it’s blowing my mind! So, here's the deal: I'm opening up the opportunity for just 20 people to experience a sneak peek. This way, you can witness the benefits firsthand and truly grasp the transformative impact it can have on your business 
If you’ve been thinking ‘I wonder if this is right for me?’ this is the perfect opportunity to see it in action, to see what a difference having that support, that knowledge, that confidence, those tools, that self belief and above all that fun can mean for your business. 
For one day only I’m giving you your very own Board of Directors by giving you access to a ‘hive mind’. It’s an instant way to brainstorm and problem solve which means you not only figure things out quicker but can tap into expertise you don't have (or would have to pay for). So in one day you can get over all of those things that you’ve been deliberating over, you don’t know how to figure out, have been holding you back and BOOM, they are solved! 
I’m also going to give you the chance to experience what a difference it can make working in a luxury location, away from your normal environment and how much that can stimulate your brain to produce extraordinary results alongside other brilliant minds. 
What you’ll need to do is come to the day with 3 actual questions/problems/challenges that you are currently facing in your business and be prepared to listen and use your expertise to help others as well. I’ll do the rest, simple as that and show you what life could be like on the Mastermind. 
We only have 20 spots so if you are interested let me know asap and I can reserve your spot. This is the only taster I will be giving, so if you want your own Board of Directors for the day book using the link below as these places will go VERY quickly! 
As a special bonus to show how confident I am that you will love it, if you join the full Mastermind after attending the taster day I will deduct what you’ve spent off your first month’s membership. That’s pretty much a no brainer deal! 
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