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I’m Laura, a spiritual healer. I had an awakening in 2014 and my healing journey began in earnest; this journey was a deep quest of the soul, and during this journey I became aware of a deep desire in me to help others, and a level of mastery around healing.  
I have been lucky enough to study with the most amazing healers and teachers. I started studying energy healing in earnest in 2015, and in 2016 I spent several months in Australia and India with my teachers. I left the world of retail buying at the end of 2015, and in 2016 when I 
returned from my travels, I freelanced and volunteered while studying. In 2019 I was a certified healer, and I began to see clients regularly from my home and via Zoom.  
I had a certain skill in dealing with past life trauma and entities, but also the skills to calmly and compassionately connect with clients and help them move through blocks in their daily life: from childhood trauma, to challenges with co-workers and colleagues. I have found that energy 
healing accesses wisdom that other therapies can’t.  
The Next Level 
In 2021 I realised I needed to make a change if I was serious about growing my business. Networking seemed like something I wanted to try. I had no idea about networking, but thankfully had met Aruna many years before and had become friends, so it seemed like a sensible step to give her a call and ask if I could try one of her meetings. Aruna suggested I try a few different meetings, and due to the uniqueness of my work, I wasn’t locked out. A couple of months later, I chose to join the Towcester BWN group, as I had felt most at home there, and clicked with a few of the members.  
Networking was online due to the lockdown situation, and this did mean it might have taken a few more months to connect with everyone; but straightaway I felt supported and welcome. I enjoyed online networking so much, that I had no idea how fantastic face to face networking 
would be! When we moved to face-to-face meetings, things really shifted. It was no longer about making connections – I made really good friends. Each meeting was a joyful experience where I learn so much and found real joy in finding like-minded women who are passionate about living their best life, and running their own businesses. 
Writing the Words 
Rebecca was already a member when I joined. I warmed to her instantly; she seemed very professional. With a wealth of knowledge that she readily shared, she talked passionately about writing for business. At this stage Rebecca was mostly writing for businesses and working on a large project for one client. I remember thinking, ‘Oh I wish I could afford for Rebecca to write all my copy!’ But my business wasn’t at this stage. 
Writing has had its challenges for me. I was diagnosed as a compensated dyslexic at age 17, and had spent many English lessons prior to this in the corridor (being kicked out of class for silly questions or messing about because I didn’t understand) so I had quite a strong belief that I couldn’t write myself. 
Yet in 2016 when I spent 3 months travelling with my son, I used to write long emails each week or so to my family and friends, describing what we were up to. I received such praise for them, I began to question whether my belief in my inability to write was truth. At the same time, through my own healing and spiritual journey I was understanding that many of the beliefs we have about ourselves aren’t true. And I started to become more empowered. I designed and wrote the content for my website, and started sharing my voice on social media. While I’m aware this is far from perfect, it was great to do it. There wasn’t much structure with it, but I was live! 
The Blog Challenge 
In January 2023 Rebecca launched a Blog Challenge: learn how to blog in a week, with five simple daily tasks, that give you the skills to start blogging and to have a structure for monthly blogs for a year. This was a game changer. I understood not only why blogging helps a business like mine, but also what my clients wanted to read about, and how to make sure my blog posts are informative and fun, and making SEO work for me (for the all important algorithms). 
My first blog post, From Depression to Joy, was very vulnerable. As I pressed share I felt a sense of pride and also nervousness. My family, my old colleagues and anyone who cared to read now had an insight into something quite personal. However the feedback I got from all 
these people (some of whom I hadn’t spoken to for over 10 years) was beautiful. I had touched a nerve and people were interested in my story and my voice. And I find the writing process a beautiful, creative way to express myself; blogging is a real joy, and I prefer it to any of the other 
writing required as a small business. 
I have joined Rebecca’s writing club and I am enjoying the support this offers me as I continue to write and find my voice. Every month we have a masterclass, and an online Writing Room where we all write our blog posts, emails, leaflets or whatever our business needs that month. 
There’s an online library of guides and videos to help when I’m writing on my own as well, and a VIP group for asking questions and getting support. 
My aunty (who graciously edits much of my written work) keeps asking when the book is coming out! When she first mentioned this, it felt like a bit of a joke, but as I sit with it, I know there is a book in me, waiting to be written. I am so grateful to the supportive community curated by Aruna, and to Rebecca for her generosity in sharing her skills. 
Inspiring People 
I have always believed that people make a business successful. While working for large corporations, my daily life was hugely affected by those that I worked with. Since following my passion and setting up my business, networking has not only provided me with the most amazing friends, but also inspirational women who share their wisdom, and support me on this journey. I believe we all have a passion inside of us, and I am passionate about helping people unlock that and thrive. Spending time with women who are living this very truth is truly inspirational. 
If you have a passion inside of you, why not get in touch and see how I can support you, or better still, join one of our amazing networking meetings and be supported by a room full of businesswomen. 
Website: laurahamblyn.com 
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