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Hello everyone, 
I’m Amber Hine, a passionate and Award-Winning Garden and Landscape Designer. Based in Bedfordshire I create abundant and purposeful gardens with an eye on sustainability in the surrounding counties and further afield. Places and Spaces for connection, for life. 
You can find me on all the usual social media platforms simply search for @HineGardenDesign. Plus, don't miss my free Facebook gardening advice group- 'Thyme to Garden,' a name that BWN members helped me come up with - many thanks team! 
Where did I come from? 
I came to this Garden Design world quite by accident… 
Formally, I was part of the theatre, rock’n’roll and events worlds working in Lighting and Video- don’t get me wrong- I enjoyed that work- I got to see some incredible places and meet some smashing people. 
When my partner and I moved to Bedford, life kept tugging me in this new direction. In charge of my calendar, and out of interest, I embarked on the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) training at the nearby Shuttleworth college. At that point, it was all about personal interest, with no concrete plans.  
Whilst there, a neighbour from my allotment site introduced me to a Garden Designer looking for some extra assistance, and again, in charge of my hours I thought ‘why not?’ and seized the opportunity. Soon after, a colleague from my RHS course approached me about perhaps doing a Garden Design course at Regent’s park together- share the car ride for example- and again, I thought- ‘that sounds interesting- Let’s do it!’ 
From there, things took off. I launched my own garden design company in August 2019 and planned to gradually phase out my previous work. However, the onset of the pandemic altered those plans. Theaters closed, events were postponed and it was full steam ahead in the Garden Design world, and I haven’t looked back! 
What gardens do I love? 
For me it’s the gardens that make you happy, and foster connection not just to your home but in the wider sense. I love gardens that tell a story - something from those theatre days no doubt! Gardens that embody a sense of place and reflect the people in them, that feel connected and natural within their setting. Gardens that tempt you to step outside with a view from the window or, as we move into Autumn, where you could spend hours simply gazing out, maybe on a rainy autumn day, sipping a hot drink, under a cosy blanket. 
My gardens are always steeped in nature, providing homes for wildlife and connection for my clients. My gardens connect my clients with their friends and family aswell as themselves and nature. 
I like to bring interest and structure into the spaces I create framing views, combining materials and designing with those moments for the ‘window-side’ view. Although we love our gardens in the summer, I strive to give clients a reason to venture out year-round. Even when it's a bit wet or chilly, the view from inside should be worth coming home to. Weather that’s a view framed by a pergola leading the eye into the space, seedheads backlit by the low Autumn sun or a structural planting such as topiary and hedging blanketed in winter snow.  
The reality is for some, especially those busy working full time, that during those cooler months when the day light hours reduce, the ‘view from the window’ is how a garden is experienced, and why to me, the view, and the front garden are crucial.  
I of course bring my skills from my time steeped in theatrical design and lighting to my gardens. Integrating the practical with the artistic- concealing an eye-sore, leading the eye, creating a layout that feels natural, instinctual. 
Busy Women Networking 
Being a part of Busy Women Networking Chicheley and the wider Busy Networking community has allowed me to understand my buisness better. I have been able to develop a program to serve a whole new community in my clientele through training I accessed in Busy Women, but also the discussions and inspiration that comes naturally from being part of such a vibrant community. 
My Online Offering 
I am thrilled to introduce 'Patch to Paradise' my new program where I take up to 6 homeowners through the exciting process of designing their garden to unleash its full potential! Working with a garden designer is an invaluable investment - akin to consulting a branding specialist or graphic designer for your business - everything works together much elegantly, more seamlessly. A good, professional, well-thought-out design works hard, the same is true for garden design. 
When properly considered a garden works hard for you, your family and your home. This program makes that process far more accessible than ever and I am delighted to have found this way of working, with the support and inspiration to develop it through my BWN connections. By the program's end, members will have a comprehensive plan to create their new dream garden, full of bullet proof plants and providing you, your families and friends with a garden you want to spend all the time you can in together. 
Presently running at an introductory offer of just 2 payments of £155 it’s an absolute steal at 1/3 off. Plus, there are a couple of fantastic bonuses, including a one-hour Zoom session with me within a year of completing the program. 
This means that if your project takes a while to kick off, you can return to me with your questions or ideas. So, if you or someone you know has an urban football pitch rectangle of a garden, that needs and wants to be loved again, please get in touch - I'd be thrilled to hear from you. 
My favourite Book - The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch 
My favourite open Garden - Trentham Estate 
My favourite plant (its hard enough whittling down by subcategory!) tree- Cercis siliquastrum 
Always happy to connect, 
@HineGardenDesign on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest 
Amber Hine 
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