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Busy Women Networking December Event at Whittlebury Hall 7th December 2015 - photos by John Debono - www.jcdphotography.co.uk 
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Busy Women Networking December Event at Whittlebury Hall 7th December 2015 - photos by John Debono - www.jcdphotography.co.uk 
Busy Women Networking Garden Party 28th July 2014 
Photo's taken by the Rachel Barnes of Rachel Barnes Photography 
Busy Women Networking Garden Party 5th August 2013 
Photo's taken by the fantastic Rachel Barnes of Rachel Barnes Photography 
Kathy gave her insight at BWN yesterday. living in the Bedford area all her adult life, all of her working life before joining ActionCOACH was spent working for large organisations, until that is, she decided to follow a different path. Her goal now is to work with businesses like BWN members so that together they can fulfil their dream. 
Kathy explained that most of us have an ultimate dream or two, or three, or even more, in fact there are no limiits, these dreams are the reasons we set up in business in the first place. How close we our to achieving our dreams is the question that we should be asking. 
However long you have been in business Kathy is sure that we are always wanting to achieve even more success. Thats where she can help us to push our boundaries and achieve more by being your critical friend. She will work with you to understand your business and agree an action plan with you and then support you to deliver. 
Above all Kathy reminded us yesterday to make sure that you are Happy in your Life and your Business. 
It was the highlight of the year ! BWN Christmas party at the Swan at Salford. What a fantastic lunch, enjoyed by our members and yes for the first time MEN!!!! A huge thank you for all those fantastic raffle prizes, well done and we raised £250 for the British Heart Foundation. 
Dawn Murphy spoke with emotion and passion during her insight at BWN. An Essex girl, moving to Bletchley when she was six months old in 1962. 
When Dawn was young her passion was for Sports and her ultimate aim was to become a P E teacher. Most of her spare time would be spent enjoying sports such as Golf, and Netball. Dawn was a talented sportswomen and shared clippings from her local new papers. 
Things did not turn out quite as she had planned and joined Barclays Bank on 05/07/1978 
Dawn is the proud mum of Robin and Billie. Both children are high achievers and the passion and talent for sport is shared with her daughter Billie. 
After 34 years with Barclays Dawn still finds herself learning, she reminds us to work smart and to remember that relationships will always lead to the right results. 
BWN would also like to congratulate Dawn as she is to be married in 2013. 
October Marketing Club 
Please RSVP by registering and join us ... The Marketing Club is launching!10.00 am - 12.00 noon, Friday, 26th October 2012October Marketing Club: Marketing Tactics!Ye Three Fyshes, Turvey, Beds MK43 8ER Susan Ringsell Media 
At SRM, we build relationships with our clients to fully understand their business and marketing objectives. 
SRM uses the latest research tools to quickly research and find relevant marketing data for smart strategic and planning decisions. 
Combine this with SRM associates in PR, creative design, events and exhibitions for winning results every time! 
SRM is an independent, full-service marketing agency. 
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Busy Women Networking 
Networking Coffee Morning 
Being hosted by 
A2S Works 
Sywell Aerodrome Northamptonshire NN6 0BN 
Wednesday 17th October 10am – 12noon 
This is a great opportunity to meet the team of A2S Works at our lovely offices at the atmospheric Sywell Aerodrome. Find out more about our services: 
· Internet Marketing 
· Training 
· Social Media Marketing 
· Website Build & Optimisation 
· Video Production 
· Free 45 Minute Internet Marketing Audit 
Also a chance to meet Ruth & Aruna for those who do not have the pleasure of knowing them already. 
More importantly a chance to network for free, unlimited tea/coffee & fabulous cakes, please stay for as long or short as you like. 
There will be like minded business women in attendance from Northamptonshire & the surrounding counties, an event not to be missed. 
To join us please reply to this email - Everyone welcome so do please invite any other Women in business you think it may benefit. 
Finally there will be a business card draw 1st Prize A free training place 2nd Prize 50% discount place & anyone booking on our training courses on the day will get an extra £5 discount of our early bird booking price. 
Kind regards, 
Ciara Ingham 
t: 01604 240180 
m: 07791 325115 
Insight 1st October 
Susan Young 
Today, Susan who was born in Hertfordshire reflected on how her Aunts had helped her and her family through difficult times when she was young and to this day she has never forgotten their kindness. 
The no eight has featured throughout Susan’s Career eight years in the print business, eight years in graphic design and eight years in marketing. 
Susan and her husband moved to Stevington in Bedfordshire. Inspired by her half acre garden she instinctively knew what she wanted to do and made a career move into horticulture. 
Her first client was The Women’s Refuge and to Susan’s credit she still has them as a valued client today. 
After studding horticulture for five years, she then transgressed into Garden Design. 
In 2002 whilst building up the business Susan worked at Tofte Mannor in Sharnbrook. Working her way up to Head Gardener. 
To date, Sky Garden Design is responsible for two part time members of staff, twenty maintenance jobs and three design projects as well as ongoing renovations. 
Susan prides herself on being responsible for all aspects of the delivery of any project that is undertaken. Ensuring that Sky Garden Design delivers quality and continuity. 
Pre and Post nuptials 
On Monday 10th September, Mandip Bhachu, a solicitor at Shakespeares (Previously Harvey Ingram Borneos) gave a fascinating talk on pre and post nuptial agreements. 
Do you have one in place? Only one of the ladies present did, and yet Mandip explained, in a very engaging way, that there are good reasons why we should all consider it seriously: 
The divorce rate is high (over 60% for second marriages). 
The starting point will always be a 50/50 share should your marriage break down. 
You have a Will to protect your assets and to allocate them as you choose, but without a pre/post nup everything 'in the pot' is up for grabs. 
How does this relate to networking? 
It's all about your approach and your goals. Mandip stressed that pre and post nup agreements are entered into by two consenting and compos mentis adults. Networking should be mutually beneficial. The best way to enjoy lasting relationships and to make sure you get a great return on your investment is to give as much as you get. Don't set yourself up as the gold digger and try to take, take, take, but also don't give away too much (which can be tempting in the early days). Have a realistic approach to what you bring to the table and treat yourself and your networking partners with respect. 
Monday 3rd October 
Busy Women Networking Member Insight. 
Kathleen Kirkland from Kathleen’s School of Motoring, born in South End on Sea, so a real Essex girl at heart. Kathleen started working for her dad until his untimely death that brought her family to Milton Keynes. Not many of us knew that Kathleen really wanted to be a train driver and signed up as a trainee. Thatcherism caused a redundancy but Kathleen’s School of Motoring was born and has gone from strength to strength. 
Kathleen has experienced difficult times in the past loosing family has been hard. Although school was not a great success for her, she has not stopped learning since and has a ferocious appetite for taking up new hobbies, becoming an expert in her field through training and quite frankly a whole host of other amazing stuff from being a football referee to writing a book. 
If you ever find yourself feeling a little down then the best thing you can do is call Kathleen for a 1-1. I can guarantee that she will have you laughing before long. A fantastic Businesswoman with a wealth of Knowledge. 
Call 08002425269 email Kathleen@kathleensom.co.uk www.kathleensom.co.uk 
Monday 13th August 2012 
Just one meeting took place in August due to holidays, so it was a great opportunity to mix both our groups together! 
It was also our first lunch at our new venue Ye Three Fyshes in Turvey. The feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive and we are confident this will prove to be a great home for Busy Women Networking! 
This month Isobel Mann from MS Legal provided the Insight for the group. It was a fantastic session where Isobel explained her less than conventional route into the legal profession. Having started off wanting to be a physiotherapist – after visions of working for a rugby team and spending her days rubbing the legs of fit, sporting young men; Isobel soon realised that the reality was somewhat different! 
Isobel actually did all her qualifications to become a solicitor at night school whilst working and once qualified ended up working in Private Client work – for many this is not an area of the law that they would aspire to, but for Isobel she found a natural empathy with her clients and soon realised it was the area she wanted to specialise in. 
After being made redundant from a larger law firm, Isobel decided to set up her own practise and in 2010 MS Legal was founded. MS Legal is a specialised legal firm and specialises in Wills, Trusts, Probate, Powers of Attorney and Inheritance Tax and Planning. 
Many of the Busy Women members have used Isobel’s services and we can’t recommend her enough! 
See you all in August for another Busy Women Networking lunch! 
Monday 11th June 2012 
Our monthly Busy Women Networking meeting took place on Monday 11th June 2012 at Tapas i Pintxos, Olney. 
A couple of new visitors joined our usual group of members this week – great to hear about new businesses starting up in the area! 
The Insight this week came from Nicky Marchant from Joy Research & Branding. Nicky shared just a small amount of her experience in Branding with the group. 
In a fascinating Insight Nicky got the group to think about some of the UK’s biggest brands and it was really interesting to see how different everyone’s views were, based on their likes, dislikes and experiences. 
The question of what makes a person buy 1 brand v’s another is not one easily answered in 10 minutes, but it really made us think about the importance of our own brands! From a sole trader to a bigger business employing numerous employees; how do we ensure our brand is represented positively………food for thought!! 
It goes without saying that if there are Busy Women Networking members thinking about their own business brands, we would encourage you to have a 121 with Nicky and tap into the fantastic experience she has. 
See you all next time for another Busy Women Networking lunch! 
Monday 21st May 2012 
Another Monday meant another Busy Women Networking lunch at Tapas iPintxos, Olney on Monday 14th May 2012. 
We had a very full table this week with busy businesswomen taking time out of their working day to come and network with us. This week’s Insight came from Virginia Rattigan from Accountancy & Business Consulting. 
Virginia told us all about herself from her childhood with Forces parents, through to a spell in the Army herself and finally ending up in her current field, Accountancy. Virginia has been both an accountant in practice, and running her own business.  
She told us that she never thought she would be doing this as she simply wasn’t brought up with those sort of aspirations; however she makes sure her children have been encouraged to be whatever they want to be. 
Virginia is our accountant and we can’t recommend her highly enough; of course we’d also encourage other Busy Women Networking members to have a 121 with Virginia if they are looking for accountancy support. 
Monday 14th May 2012 
Once again we all met at Tapas iPintxos, Olney for another Busy Women Networking lunch on Monday 14th May 2012. 
As well as the usual format of the 40-second round, the business card draw and a 10 minute 121; we had our Insight this month from Anna MacDougall from Bride and Glory. 
Anna describes herself as the ‘Go To Girl’ for all things wedding! Her role is to take the stress out of the day and ensure everything runs to perfection. Anna told us that most brides have clear ideas about what they want and her job is to bring it all together and assured us that there really is no job she won’t do! 
The feedback for Anna from our members on the day was great – we have no doubt that Bride and Glory will have many referrals from Busy Women Networking members! 
Monday 16th April 2012 
Another enjoyable Busy Women Networking lunch today at Tapas i Pintxos, Olney, with 15 busy business women taking time out of their working day to network, build relationships and develop their businesses. 
Although it was a slightly smaller group this month; we had 7 members attend with a fantastic 8 visitors! The feedback generally was that it was a friendly, productive and interesting meeting. 
Beth O’Neill from Pelican Printwear provided the Insight for the group. In an interactive, hands-on presentation Beth introduced her business, the different types of printing methods and the bespoke design work that she will produce for a client. Beth actually printed onto a mug during her insight and showed the group that even a 1 off can be produced for a client for a birthday/christening etc. The feedback from the group was that Beth was a very confident and engaging speaker and we hope that members and visitors alike will make Beth and Pelican Printwear their first port of call for any printwear needs! 
We’re both looking forward to welcoming you to our next BWN lunch on Monday 14th May 2012. 
Monday 2nd April 2012 
Another exciting Busy Women Networking lunch today at Tapas I Pintxos, Olney, with 19 busy business women taking time out of their working day to network, build relationships and develop their businesses. 
Not only did we have 12 of our members there, we also had 7 lovely visitors which made a great blend around the lunch-table. Of course we hope that many of the visitors will become members themselves. 
Michelle Turner-Davidson from The Healthy Wealthy People Group provided today’s Insight. Not only did we discover more about Michelle's background and her business; she provided great insight into how running a Network Marketing 
business can be a great way to develop a second income stream and provide a sustainable income with flexible working hours. 
Looking forward to our next BWN lunch on Monday 14th May 
Busy Women Networking – Coffee Morning 
On Wednesday 21st March 2012 we held our first Busy Women Networking Coffee Morning at Tapas iPintxos, Olney. Although the session was due to start at 9.30am, there were some very keen early arrivals from 9.15am! 
The coffee morning was open to Busy Women Networking members and visitors alike. There were 21 business-women in total, who attended, many of whom were actually visitors, and attendees came from Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Olney. 
There was a fantastic buzz in the room, helped of course by the flow of great refreshments and lovely pastries provided byTapas iPintxos and even more importantly, real business was done between contacts made on the day! 
The session was a ‘drop in’ event, however most people did stay for the whole time, clearly making the very most of the opportunity to network with other business-women. 
We’ll be holding the coffee morning on a monthly basis, so if you didn’t make this one, be sure to attend the next – who knows what opportunities may arise! 
If you would like to know more about Busy Women Networking or would like to join a group please click here to complete our short contact form. 
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