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I couldn’t be more excited to bring you the first edition of my personal newsletter, The Networking Brief. 
After 13 years of leading and nurturing three successful networking organisations—Busy Networking, Busy Women Networking, and Busy Connections—I'm thrilled to introduce this new, consolidated newsletter format. 
My goal is to provide you with a valuable resource that delivers comprehensive and insightful updates on the SME industry, with a focus on building connections to grow your business. This is a true passion of mine, one which I have dedicated over a decade of my career to. 
Each issue will feature a diverse mix of industry insights, success stories, practical networking tips, and interactive elements. 
By uniting our communities under this single platform, I aim to amplify the power of our collective connections, fostering growth and inspiring everyone who runs their own business. 
Thank you for being a part of this incredible network. Together, let's elevate our networking game and continue to thrive. 
IN MY OPINION With Aruna Rao:  
Today, I want to talk about masterminds. This has become a major buzzword in our industry at the moment, and I have actually participated in several myself. 
Masterminds can be incredibly powerful tools for both business and personal growth. Through being an attendee, it's given me a really clear understanding of what makes a great mastermind. It should create a supportive and motivating environment that drives real results, rather than just selling dreams without delivering. It should truly champion business owners and help them grow and learn. That's essentially what I do every day in my networks and so creating my own Mastermind seemed a very natural step, it isn't simply because it's the on trend thing to do at the moment. My Mastermind is going to be like having not just me in your back pocket, it's going to give you your very own board of directors PLUS me cheerleading and guiding you all the way. Networking on steroids basically! 
So, my Mastermind was born and last month we ran the taster day. Reflecting on it now gives me goosebumps; the energy and ideas in the room were electric. Sharing business problems, challenges, and goals united the entire group, and every participant left with an incredible wealth of ideas, feedback, and new connections. I am now going to hold the group accountable to the goals they set and we are all going to champion each other. 
The fact that it all happened in one day blows my mind. What this group of people can achieve in the Mastermind as a whole which lasts a year is going to be insane. 
So, my takeaway for you from that is don't get sucked into a trend and think you have to do it a certain way, or be intimidated by those that shout the loudest. We are all unique, we all have our USPs and the best way to show that is to put your stamp on something and make it your own. Have the confidence to be who you are and you will attract the people you want to work with. 
And on that topic I can squeeze another 2 people into our Mastermind starting in September, so if you’d like me on your team for the next year drop me a message. Doors close on 30th June for this one. I’ve kept it as affordable as possible as I want every business to have a chance to thrive, I’m not about elitism. It’s £150 plus VAT per month for a year, that’s it. BUT it will be going up once I can show you the crazy results achieved! 
I’ve already had people say they’d like to start in January, so I’m going to be running another taster day on 13th September so click the link below if you’d like to go on the waitlist for that. 
I am bursting at the seams to be able to have the chance to really dive deep into the group’s businesses and share everything I’ve learnt over my career. 
Busy Women Networking - Female focussed groups across 9 regions, including Beds, Bucks, Oxon, London and Kent. 
Busy Networking - Mixed groups across 3 counties plus on-line Nationwide. 
Busy Connections - Mixed opportunities for those wanting more business growth. 
So, my question to you is now what would you like to hear about next month? Are there any topics you'd like me to cover or trends for me to unpick? I want my Networking Briefs to be as helpful as possible and really dig deep into how you can use connecting as a crucial business tool, and how to be a master at it (my top tip here is without a doubt, 'truly care'). 
That's it for this month, I hope you enjoyed more of a personal perspective. If you see me out and about I would love to know what you think so please stop me and say. Feedback is always welcome. 
Happy Connecting! 
Warmest Regards 
Aruna Rao 
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